Cat Rescue Story: Morrchik Celebrates His Gotcha-versary

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Cat Rescue Story: Morrchik Celebrates His Gotcha-versary

Sharon Melnyk of Cat Care Service, recently celebrated the second anniversary of her cat, Morrchik’s adoption from Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS). Sharon shared in a recent Facebook post, “I am forever grateful to the person who found Morrchik in a garden — unneutered, but tame, one-and-a-half years old with ear mites and miliary dermatitis – and brought him to the city animal shelter.”

Someone at the shelter named him Holstein. He charmed the staff. Volunteers regularly let him out of his kennel to play and drink from the faucet of a sink down the hall. He tolerated other cats and because of that he was “drafted” to help identify other shelter cats that got along with others. Cats fortunate enough to be housed with him all found new, forever homes. 

Sharon said she was originally looking for a bonded pair of kittens when she first met Holstein. “I wondered why he had been in the shelter longer than any of the other cats, particularly with his good looks and sense of confidence.” She knew she couldn’t leave him behind.

He’d been at the animal shelter for four months and ten days when she brought him home and gave him a new name – Morrchik – a term of endearment that is supposed to mean “one who purrs.” Indeed he does.

We love hearing, and reading, these incredible cat rescue stories. Do you have one to share? If so, please tell us about the cat who rescued you or the cat you rescued — we know they are usually one and the same! Click here to share your Cat Rescue Story.

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