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Dog Rescue Stars: Pet Orphans

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What if shelter dogs were trained like movie dogs?

The biggest reason dogs don’t get adopted is training. That’s why we’re making web videos with shelter dogs at the Pet Orphans campus in Los Angeles. We’ve set up a studio there and will make videos throughout 2015. We call the project Dog Rescue Stars.             > Click to learn more about the Dog Rescue Stars project.

The first Dog Rescue Stars video is a Christmas “card” from 11 dogs who need forever homes.

Here are some videos we made last year for Pet Orphans. We invite you to put these Pet Orphans PSAs on your own website, Facebook page, Tweet. Please contact P.Woof if you’re helping spread the word about this excellent pet shelter organization.

> Visit Pet Orphans in Van Nuys, California

PET ORPHANS “2ND BEST DAY” 0:30 Public Service Announcement

PET ORPHANS “TAKE ONE HOME” 0:15 Public Service Announcement

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