Dog Rescue Stories: Indie Was Saved From A Junkyard

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Growing up, Brittney always had pets and felt very comfortable being surrounded by wiggly butts and fur stuck to every inch of her clothing. She had a very special bond with her younger brother’s Pit Bull, Tiny. She was longing for the companionship that Tiny had provided when she lived closer to home. After months of feeling shut off, Brittney finally decided that she was going to open her heart again to another soul who was in need, and she knew that soul would belong to a Pit Bull.
For months, Brittney looked at available dogs and puppies through rescues and pounds. Around the same time last year, she had planned on rescuing a puppy from a litter that had been involved in a house fire but unfortunately, she was not one of the lucky eight who was selected by lottery, due to a lot of social media attention. Feeling the ache of missing out on one of the “Christmas puppies”, she saw an urgent plea from a local shelter for a gorgeous, four year old blue Pit girl on death row, who had hours left to live. Brittney rushed from her job (which was still new to her at the time) to save that sweet Pit girl who she saw on the Contra Costa Animal Services website. When she arrived at the pound (after driving over an hour to get there), her heart was again crushed when blue girl had been adopted moments before. Although she was devastated that she missed out a second time, she was relieved that this beautiful Pit was safe.
After weeks of giving up the search, something told Brittney to look on Craigslist (even though it’s full of ads for puppies people were breeding for a quick buck, something kept telling her to look). Low and behold! There was an ad with a pile of Pittie puppies surrounded by noticeable beer cans and trash. She felt a sadness in the pit of her stomach and knew that she had to meet this little litter of “junk yard” puppies. Plans were made that day to meet up that weekend.After waiting four whole days (which felt like an eternity), the time had finally come. Brittney drove two hours to a crummy neighborhood known for Pit Bull fighting, with a massive overpopulation. The family with the litter was nice enough but incredibly uneducated. A herd of seven week old puppies was  running around a trash filled backyard with an unfenced, cloudy pool. She felt a sadness come over her as she saw how these little ones were living. Clearly an “accident” litter, “totally unplanned”even though there was an unaltered male and female living together.
Brittney “adopted” her Indie in early April of last year and she is so thankful for how much joy and light she has brought to her life. Brittney looks at her puppy and her heart breaks knowing that at her age, her mother had already given birth. She convinced the family Indie came from to spay her mother and even helped them make the appointment. Brittney knows that Indie wasn’t rescued in the typical rescue fashion, but she can’t help but feel like she took her away from an unknown future.
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Larry Kay is the award-winning coauthor of Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He is Leader of the Pack at Positively Woof, which helps shelter dogs get adopted by making videos and raises awareness and funds. Larry is an award-winning dog filmmaker and has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine.
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