About Larry Kay


What is ARF power? This is what Larry believes:

A = Advocacy. When we protect and improve pets’ lives, we protect and improve life all around us.
R = Readiness. When we train positively as Good Humans, our pets thrive…and so do we.
F = Fun. Does this really need an explanation? Dogs embody fun with their waggy being.

“Research shows that dog EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) is equal to, if not higher than human EQ. Loved dogs show us high levels of empathy, compassion, care, trust…and distrust. When it comes to emotions and personality, it may well be the dog (not the chimpanzee) that is our closest kin.” Larry Kay, from Life’s A Bark

Cause Marketing. Under Larry’s leadership, Positively Woof promotes shelter adoptions with web films, fundraising, and high-impact Cause Marketing programs. > Click to discover how P-Woof makes a difference


Larry Kay believes that “when we discover pets, we discover ourselves.” With 1.9 million Facebook fans, Larry’s PositivelyWoof.com platform promotes shelter dog adoptions with web films, fundraising, and innovative Cause Marketing programs. He is the author of Life’s A Bark and the award-winning Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He created the award-winning Animal Wow dog care DVD for kids, which was endorsed by the American Humane Association. Larry Kay has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine.

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