Adventures With Cats & Dogs

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By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

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Life is an adventure. I may not be about spontaneous adventures, but I am about adventures in general. I think, as a mom it’s hard to think about just rushing out the door at the spur of the moment and hoping you’ve brought everything you need. Sure, my children are grown up and have moved out, but if you need a button, thread, a tissue, a change of clothes or a snack, chances are I will have what you need in my purse!

Adventures With Cats & Dogs

pet-travel-storyWhen I became pet mom to my Poodle Henrietta, I was determined to take her everywhere I went and I usually do. I do leave her home, though if I am going somewhere in which dogs are not allowed because I would NEVER leave her in a hot car.

At one point in my life I took a car trip from New York to Arizona — just me and Henrietta. It took three days and there were a lot of stops along the way. Everywhere I went, I put her into a purse and into reststops or grocery stores we would go — yes I broke some “laws” by taking a dog into a grocery store, but what was I going to do? (Grins!)

Now my husband and I travel most weekends from our house up to a new house we purchased that is three and a half hours away. We load up Murray the Goldendoodle, Henrietta my mini copilot and two Devon Rexes.

Surprisingly, the Devon Rexes have been good travelers since the day they both came home. Ickis is a better traveler than Oblina, but compared to most other cats, they are ideal. When we’re getting ready for the road trip I grab the cat carrier, put in a bit of a treat for them and they will usually jump right in. There might be a few moments of battling inside the carrier, but after a few seconds they calm right down and sleep the entire trip.

Ickis and Oblina (in their carrier) and Murray in his harness ride in the backseat. Henrietta rides on my lap, securely strapped into her harness and secured by the seatbelt and away we go. Once we’re in the car, it’s a breeze BUT getting ready to get out the door is sometimes a challenge.

Unique Printed Pet-Specific Packing List

I have a separate packing list for each animal who travels with us. The packing/traveling list includes (this is not an entire list by any stretch!)

  1. Leash
  2. Collar with identification and contact phone numbers
  3. Food dish
  4. Water bowl
  5. Water
  6. Snacks (dog and cat)
  7. Blankets in case of bad weather
  8. Collapsible litter box
  9. Litter
  10. Sunshades for the car
  11. Veterinary records

Multiply this list by four, and add in unique items for each: (Henrietta has daily medication, Oblina has prescription food, etc.)

I also have a packing list for me. My husband can be out the door in about thirty seconds flat. He says anything he forgets he can buy along the way or once we get to the house. I, on the other hand, pack as though I am heading to Mars.

What I love about traveling with pets is that there are so many items that are made for travel and that make it both comfortable for your pet and easy for the human of the household to use. I never wanted to have my cats travel in a hard plastic pet carrier; in my mind, they might want to look at their surroundings, but I never felt like there was enough air circulating to keep them safe and well ventilated.

When I discovered Zoopar I was able to make my shopping list of pet travel items I want to upgrade to and to invest in items that will make our summer hikes more enjoyable this summer. In preparation for my planned 2019 trek on the Appalachian Trail. I am convinced I want to do at least a two day trek and perhaps spend a night on the trail, but my fear of bugs and spiders may make it necessary for us to sleep in a hotel.

Having items that make it easier to hike and explore with the dogs is something I want to do do get myself in better shape and condition for the trail hike next summer. I am making my shopping list, deciding what items I need for both the cats and the dogs and hitting the road and the trail.

Because the cats love to be out of doors I will be putting them in walking harnesses and letting them feel the warm grass and dirt beneath their paws. If we are simply sitting out in the yard enjoying the fleeting summer days in New York, I will put them in a carrier that allows them to be out of doors, but also keeps them secure. 

Henrietta and I are also going to do more biking this summer. She is really good in the basket I have, but I have never felt all that safe with her in it so a new dog bike carrier might make her feel more secure and allow us to take longer rides down to Scenic View Park to watch a sunrise and sip coffee.

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Where will your adventures take you this summer? How will you #UnleashYourNext Adventure?

On a side note, what I also love about Zoopar is that this month they are partnering with Freedom Service Dogs of America and for every purchase made during May, a portion of proceeds of sales will go to this organization. You gotta love a business that gives back!

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