April Is National Adopt A Greyhound Month

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Greyhounds are bred for racing and typically live a different lifestyle than your typical house pet. These dogs are kept in kennels when they’re not on the racetrack, are fed high-performance diets greyhound adoption monthand will race until they are anywhere between two to five-years-old before they are considered no longer viable. Consider that these regal dogs live for up to fourteen years and you can see the need for a national adoption month. Greyhound fostering and adoption groups have stepped up and are taking care of re-homing these retired race dogs.

Greyhound facts

  • They don’t need large yards, but fenced in yards are recommended
  • They don’t require any more exercise than any other breed — they are happy with a long daily walk
  • They are very mellow and are considered couch potatoes by their owners
  • They require a special collar because their necks are wider than their heads
  • They must be kept leashed because it only takes them three strides to reach top speed
  • They can see up to a half a mile away
  • They were originally bred as hunting dogs
  • Be patient with them as it may take time for them to get accustomed to living in a home, walking on grass and navigating around furniture
  • They quickly adapt to their new lives

There are many greyhound rescue and adoption organizations with whom you can work if you’d like to welcome a greyhound into your heart and your life.

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Larry Kay is the award-winning coauthor of Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He is Leader of the Pack at Positively Woof, which helps shelter dogs get adopted by making videos and raises awareness and funds. Larry is an award-winning dog filmmaker and has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine.
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