April Is National Adopt A Greyhound Month

Greyhounds are bred for racing and typically live a different lifestyle than your typical house pet. These dogs are kept in kennels when they’re not on the racetrack, are fed high-performance diets and will race until they are anywhere between two to five-years-old before they are considered no longer viable. Consider that these regal dogs

Pet Calendar: Easter Pet Safety Tips

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder  Easter Sunday is fast approaching — April 4. I want to share pet safety tips to make Easter Sunday as safe and fun for you and your family as it is for your pets! Pet Calendar: Easter Pet Safety

Tailspring Goat Milk Replacer – REVIEW

This post is sponsored by Tailspring. My first encounter with goat milk was as a newborn human. No joke. My neonatal pediatrician told my parents that goat milk would help jumpstart my good health. And look at me now as a healthy senior citizen. No joke. Most folks think I’m ten or twenty years younger—maybe

Pet Calendar: Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Are your pets? If your house is like mine, it will be Grand Central from now until the first of the year. Friends and family bring joy, food and cheer to the house; they bring stress for pets. Pet Calendar: Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips  What can you do to keep