Black Cat Day: Kimberley Koz

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As part of our series on Black Cats for National Black Cat Day, Kimberely Koz of Wunderpurr wrote:

What she loves about black cats: I am impressed by how intelligent they are. Years ago I had one named Sami Jo, an outdoor cat who decided to spend the winter indoors with me. She also decided she wanted to sleep with me, but my tabby Buddy didn’t like that idea since he always slept draped over my left arm. Well, when he snarled at Sami to leave, instead she crawled onto my pillow, turned around and backed her tail down between Buddy and I, and snuggled under the covers. See? Intelligent!

Jesse was born under my neighbor’s deck to a Torbi named Peaches. When the neighbor shooed the cats away, Peaches moved her kittens to my yard. Jesse had a twin named Elvis who eventually left for nearby Memphis. Jesse desires to be leader of a pack, but after failing a trial membership to join the indoor Wonderpurr Gang, he settled into being the leader of the Garage Band. After having his heart broken by Yum-Yum, a semi-feral Siamese who bedazzled him with her ocean-blue eyes, then left as suddenly as she arrived, he says he’s done with women for good. Although he did find Gidget as a kitten and brought her to live with us.

Gidget arrived one cold winter on the heels of Jesse. She was skittish but friendly. Once she realized I wouldn’t hurt her, she let me pet her, but she never stopped moving. It took me years to take a decent photo of her. Unusually tiny, my vet was afraid she’d be picked up by a hawk, so she immediately found a place indoors. She doesn’t encourage the other cats to be friends, rather she prefers to spend “Gidget time” with me at night after the lights are out and she can lie beside me. She enjoys having her bottom patted. If I stop patting her, she will gently nip my hand. She displayed signs of jealousy when Elly joined our family last year. Elly is warm and friendly to all, thus inspiring Gidget to let down her guard with the other cats.

Nikolas is Dori’s daddy. He arrived with Annie, another all-black cat in late December of 2012, bringing with them their twin tabby daughters and twin all-black sons. While Annie was reserved to the point of showing no interest in raising her kittens, Nik was like a big kid himself, always playing with his kittens. He even got them all on a rug runner for me to drag around the room. A long-winded talker and ankle biter, he bonded with Jesse when his heart was broken by Patsy, his runaway daughter (Dori’s twin) who left with Jesse’s Siamese paramour, Yum-Yum. Nik has a high-pitched squealy voice that helps me to tell him apart from Jesse, otherwise they could pass for blood brothers. Nik has a snarky, teasing sense of humor, totally unappreciated by Jesse, who thinks he should be revered as the Leader of the Garage Band.

Elly was brought to me by Noah, a semi-feral all-black cat who lived on my porch for two years before he passed of Feline Aids. Elly is super sweet and affectionate. She quickly realized being an indoor cat came with perks, like regular meals. She made friends with all of the Wonderpurr Gang including Gidget. Elly saw that I was already claimed by most of the Gang, so she targeted my husband for one-on-one affection. As he’d just lost his favorite cat to a severe respiratory disease, he was charmed by her deliberate ploys to get his attention. She makes direct eye contact when she talks to us, and will come and get me when she wants an in between meal snack. It is clear Elly and Candy, my calico, knew each other before they joined my family. We live near a cat colony, so that’s how I currently care for 14 cats.

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