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Cat Rescue Stories: Injured Cat Finds Loving Home

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Cat Rescue Stories: Injured Cat Finds Loving Home 

Editor’s Note: This story was shared with us, via our Cat Rescue Story page and has been translated from Romanian.

Andrea shared that when she met her cat, he was “normal” but extremely special. “He’d lost a hind leg and half of his tail,” cat rescue story she shared. “He suffered his pain in silence.”

She found him in her yard. “He was frightened and grieving and I saved her from dogs that were ready to attack her.” She said that “God gave him (the cat she named Oki) the strength to deal with his pain until he was rescued.”

Andrea reports that Okiis now the happiest cat she has ever known. “He always comes into my arms and is always purring and content. I feel like he is talking to me with his purrs. We have a special bond.”

Oki, who has one blue eye and one green eye has taught her, “All we need is to be strong and God will send someone to help us.”

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