Cat Rescue Story: Buttercup Finds A Home

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By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Samantha shared the story of Buttercup with us and it is a heartwarming cat rescue!

Samantha wrote, “We adopted Buttercup shortly after our little Ghost was killed by a car.”

Little Buttercup was all alone in her kennel at the Western Hills Humane Society.

Cat Rescue Story: Buttercup Finds A Home cat rescue story

“When we got there and saw her cute little face we knew she was our new family member!” Samantha wrote. “The ladies at the society said they were so happy because just that morning Buttercup’s brother was adopted and they didn’t know how she would do being all alone that night.”

Buttercup fit right into her new home and Samantha wrote, “She makes us so happy and we laugh all the time!!  She sure loves her boxes and mouse toys!  Don’t get us started on shoe laces!”

If you’ve rescued a cat or a kitten or if a cat or kitten has rescued you, we’d love to hear your Cat Rescue Story! 

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