Cat Rescue Story: From Barn Kitten To House Kitten

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By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Maggie Marton, who runs the Oh My Dog! blog shared the story of how her new kitten came to be a member of the family.

“I stayed in touch with my oncology nurse once my treatments were finished,” Maggie explained. “She lives on a farm, not too far from where I live, but definitely in a more rural area.” A couple of months ago, Maggie explained, the nurse told her that a mother cat showed up at her farm and “moved into the barn.” The cat didn’t seem to belong to anyone and was definitely pregnant. The area, Maggie said is home to coyotes, hawks and owls — all predators of kittens.

Cat Rescue Story: From Barn Kitten To House Kitten

#catrescuestoryThe mother cat was brought into the barn for safe keeping, fed and cared for until she gave birth to her five kittens, about two months after she arrived at the barn.

“She posted pictures of the kittens on Facebook and said they were up for adoption to inside-only homes,” Maggie said. “I kept looking at them and saw that all of them — except for one who looked like an ‘Oreo cookie.'”

Maggie said she talked with her husband and he agreed that they were cute, but said,”We have a newborn in the house…”

Again, the kitten pictures were posted. They were now eight weeks old and all but the “Oreo cookie” kitten hadn’t found a home. “I asked my husband, ‘on a sace of one to ten how much do you really not want a kitten,'” Maggie said. He just asked, “Did you get a kitten?”cat rescue story

Maggie and her husband paid to have the kitten taken to the veterinarian. “If she was healthy we felt comfortable bringing her home to our newborn, our other cat and our dogs.” She got a clean bill of health, but had to be quarantined for a short time because (as with many kittens) she had worms.

Her name is Ripley. “My husband is a sci-fi nerd,” Maggie said. “Our other cat is named after the girl in the Alien movie, Newt and my husband said if she’s coming home, I have naming rights.”

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