Cat Rescue Story: Houdini Magically Wins Hearts

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Cat Rescue Story: Houdini Magically Wins Hearts

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Elizabeth Tunstall has done animal rescue for more than forty years and for a time she volunteered with the United Paws of Tillamook as a foster.

“One of the babies I took in and bottle fed was a tiny little mite born to a feral mother,” Elizabeth wrote. “I named her Miss Houdini. She was small enough that she was able to squeeze through the bars on the kennel cage I kept her and her brothers in. I couldn’t keep her in there.” Elizabeth said she’d feed everyone and love on them before putting them back in the cage and Houdini would squeeze through the bars, run across the table and settle into Elizabeth’s chest. “I always sat there working on the computer. She would NOT stay in the cage and there was nothing I could do to keep her in it. She wrapped her little paws around my heart and almost became a ‘foster fail.’

It wasn’t to be, though BUT it is a very happy ending! “There was someone who had lost one of her cats a couple months prior and fell in love with Houdini just from seeing her picture.  “When I took the kitten to meet her, it was love at first sight and I knew she’d be well cared for and loved. As soon as she was old enough she went to live with her new Mom and new big brother named Mischief.”

Editor’s Note: We can see why she was such a “heart stealer” as Elizabeth said!

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