Cat Rescue Story: The Life Of Kiddy Girl

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Cat Rescue Story

Kiddy Girl was found, as a stray, about four years ago. According to Donna, her adoptive pet parent, “Our neighbor took her in, but soon after he was killed in a motorcycle crash. His family moved in, but did not want her even though they let her hang around.”

cat rescue storyShe had three sets of kittens back-to-back and wasn’t getting enough to eat. Carrying babies all the time was starting to take its toll so we began giving her extra food. When she saw our car she would come running, knowing I had a meal for her. When the neighbors decided to take her to a shelter because they didn’t want to invest any money to have her spayed, “My mom and I stepped up to save her.” Donna took her to the vet, got her spayed and had her other health needs addressed.

Kiddy Girl is now living a happily ever ┬álife after with my mom who adores her and is her constant companion. “Sometimes, Mom and I have a conversation wehre Mom says, ‘it’s funny you’re talking to a cat.'” I tell her, “I do it because I love our fur baby.”

Editor’s Note: Kiddy Girl looks like a happy, loved feline!

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