Pet Calendar: Adopt A Shelter Pet & Adopt A Tabby Day

BY ROBBI HESS ~ MANAGING EDITOR PET CALENDAR, CRIMELESS CAT EXECUTIVE STORY EDITOR, CHIEF CAT HERDER  April 30 is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day and it’s Adopt A Tabby Day. We love any day that celebrates pet adoption and when you can combine cats and dogs — well that is a win all day! As

Pet Calendar: Cat Herder’s Day

By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder  December 15 is National Cat Herder’s Day. If you live with cats, you know that it is impossible to herd them. In fact, you have probably heard the saying that a task is as “impossible as herding cats” and

Book Review: Why A Cat Is (Still) Better Than A Man

I had the pleasure of interviewing Allia Zobel Nolan on a recent episode of “Cat-versations From The Catbox.” Her latest book, “Why A Cat Is (Still) Better Than A Man” was recently released and she sent me a copy to read and review. I have to say, once I finally had time to read it

Cat Rescue Story: Becoming A Cat Lover

Nick sent us this story about the cat who changed his mind and heart!  Nick wrote: To start off, I was never a cat person. That all changed the day I got Milo. I was doing Lyft driving around Washington DC. I picked up this lady and the first thing she asked me as soon