Cat Rescue Story: Morrchik Celebrates His Gotcha-versary

Cat Rescue Story: Morrchik Celebrates His Gotcha-versary Sharon Melnyk of Cat Care Service, recently celebrated the second anniversary of her cat, Morrchik’s adoption from Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS). Sharon shared in a recent Facebook post, “I am forever grateful to the person who found Morrchik in a garden — unneutered, but tame, one-and-a-half years old

Cat Rescue Story: From Stray To ‘Lap Cat’

Cat Rescue Story: For The Love Of Maggie I was finally able to get a kitten! No parents or roommates to forbid sharing a home with a cat.  I had always wanted a Calico cat; they’re so uniquely beautiful. When my sister called and said her friend knew a lady who had a calico kitten

Pet Calendar: Happy Cat Month

Pet Calendar: Happy Cat Month Started by the CATalyst Council, the month of September has been designated Happy Cat Month. The month will serve to educate and inform cat owners, and potential cat owners, of what they can do to ensure their pet’s happiness. According to the CATalyst Council the event was created to help

Cat Rescue Story: The Life Of Kiddy Girl

Cat Rescue Story Kiddy Girl was found, as a stray, about four years ago. According to Donna, her adoptive pet parent, “Our neighbor took her in, but soon after he was killed in a motorcycle crash. His family moved in, but did not want her even though they let her hang around.” She had three