Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat

Cat Rescue Story: Miss Kitty Neighborhood Cat “This is a dog house,” Janet wrote in her Cat Rescue Story. “My husband and I have had many dogs but no cats during our 28 years together.” Imagine their surprise when a small female cat started jumping their six foot wall and started “irritating” their dog. “We

Cat Rescue Story: Box Of Kittens Saved

Charles Bissonette shared the story of Cerra (sounds like “Sara”). Cerra was a stray someone dumped near my work about six months ago. She looked pregnant when I first saw her. Cerra wandered off and reappeared about two months later. This time, Charles said, she stuck around. “Last weekend my wife and I decided to

Cat Rescue Story: Nellie’s Story

After losing her ten-year-old yellow Lab to old age and severe arthritis in her hips and spine, Terri met Nellie. “Thanks to my dear friends, Alex and Denise, for showing up at my house with Nellie. I was instantly drawn to her.” (Read the rest of the story below the photo) It was meant to

Why Does Your Cat Or Kitten Hide?

If you’re a cat parent, chances are you want to snuggle with your cat or kitten, right? Of course you do! That’s why it can be a bit disconcerting when your cat or kitten hides from you. We connected with Janea Kelley from Paws and Effect and she shared this great post on why your