What To Feed A Diabetic Cat

Pet parents are being faced with health issues in their pets that have plagued humans for decades. Diabetes in cats either seems to be on the rise or our awareness of it in our pets has increased — regardless of the reason, we found this great post on what to feed a diabetic cat over

June: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month — Breaking Cats Out Of Shelters

Deb Barnes, over at Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles wrote a fantastic post about breaking cats out of shelters because June is Adopt A Shelter Cat month. In her post on cat adoption she shares these reasons why cats are turned over to rescues or put up for adoption: 1. Someone is allergic to the

June Pet Calendar: Adopt A Cat Month ~ Cat Myths Busted

This guest post, written by blogger Robbi Hess is a semi-tongue-in-cheek look at reasons why you shouldn’t adopt a cat. Robbi, by the way, shares her home with three cats — all rescues; two dogs and three lizards. She has also shared her home at one point with her daughter’s two ferrets and two cats.