Review #3

THROUGHOUT THIS DELIGHTFUL BOOK Kay captures the essence of our beloved dogs reminding dog lovers that we should be more like our canine friends and just enjoy life…I found this book to be a fast, enjoyable read that may just remind you to rediscover the simple things in life.” -Diane Rich, Seattle Post-Intelligencer >Click to read full review

PRAISE for ‘Training the Best Dog Ever’

WINNER, Best Positive Dog Training Book. Endorsed by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Review #2

“LIFE’S A BARK introduced me to an angle I’d never considered. To see and appreciate what dogs do, think, and feel is one thing. To consider how a person can benefit from doing some of the same is another. An eye-opening and fun approach!” -Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, Executive Director, American Animal Hospital Association

Review #1

“A FUN BOOK! LIFE’S A BARK captures the spirit of what is fundamentally canine and offers lots of ideas of how we can practically insert what dogs teach us into our lives, no matter what life throws our way.” – Steve Dale, author of Chicago Tribune nationally syndicated column My Pet World and host of