Dog Rescue Stories: Rosie Won’t Let Anything Stop Her!

Her foster family has no idea how long Rosie will be with them, but they plan to spoil her for as long as she lets them!

Dog Rescue Stories: 22 Year Old Tigger Is All Heart

“Her body is close to completely being finished. Her work on Earth…well…it’s almost done.”

Dog Rescue Stories: Trumann Found His Way to His Forever Family…Twice

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor We rescued Trumann from a litter of pups that were born under a porch. His momma had just been killed by a passing car. He was barely weaned. He was so small he could fit in yours hands. When Trumann was about 3 months, old

Dog Rescue Stories: Kenzi – The Little Hero!

“As Kenzi grew, Sue began to notice something incredible. Even on some of her sickest days, Kenzi was concerned about the other animals in the rescue’s care.”