Pet Calendar: Pet Food Safety Month

As pet parents we do our best to feed our pets — dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. — the healthiest diet we can and that’s why in our pet calendar: pet food safety month is important. Actually it’s food safety month for humans, but let’s face it — our pets are our family! When you become

Pet Calendar: National Dog Week

Pet Calendar: National Dog Week You meant here is only one week devoted to dogs? We know that our furry friends will bark and howl at that notion! If you share your life with a dog, every DAY is dog time, don’t you agree? Watch our video and uncover ways to celebrate your dog today,

Dog Rescue Story: imagining my dog Spider’s life

What if we knew our pet’s rescue story before we adopted our furry friend? That was what CUDDLY asked when they sponsored me and ten other bloggers across America to imagine our pets’ rescue stories in the #MyUnspokenPet campaign. If you’re not yet familiar with CUDDLY, they help raise funds and wish list material for

Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11 – Paintings by Ron Burns

A Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11 by Famous Dog Artist, Ron Burns