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What is Crimeless Cat?

Crimeless Cat is a place for cat lovers to gather, share cat content, and participate in our Supermodel Cat of the Week Contest on Facebook. It is also a place for cat rescue stories, cat adoption stories and all things… well… CAT!!

Who is Crimeless Cat?

Meet our Team

Dot_pose_3 (1)Dot

She is “Every Cat.” Her best pal is Dash of Positively Woof. Dot started as a pencil drawing in our minds and grew into the adorable, mischievous mascot for all things cat. From cat rescue stories to fun videos and Cat Supermodels of The Week, Dot is your not-always-so-innocent guide.

ickis Robbi Hess

Managing Editor & Chief Cat Wrangler, Robbi Hess is pet “mom” to five cats! (Three adult rescue cats and two Devon Rex kittens) Robbi has loved cats, dogs, birds, horses, reptiles, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets as long as she has loved working with words! She works with cat rescues, shares cat rescue stories and is always involved in the pet industry and all things pet.


Larry Kay

Founder and Leader of the Pack, Larry Kay is an award-winning author, video-maker extraordinaire, dog trainer, rescue advocate and pet parent to Spider the Wonder Dog! While Larry loves cats he freely admits that he doesn’t understand them. To educate himself, Larry calls on Robbi, cat rescuers, and now Crimeless Cat friends.

We Love Dogs, Too!


Heroes. That’s exactly what many cats and dogs are. They’ve often survived and thrived against all odds. Isn’t it amazing how pets enrich our lives? At Positively Woof, we’ve been sharing stories about dogs …now at Crimeless Cat we hope you will share your amazing cat story.