Dog Rescue Stars

The single biggest reason why shelter dogs don’t get adopted is lack of training. What happens if we trained shelter dogs like movie dogs? Dog Rescue Stars is P.Woof’s on-going web video series with Pet Orphans of Southern California. Every year, since 2014, we make special “green screen” videos where we use special video effects to put shelter dogs in artistic scenes.

5-dog-rescue-stars-logoTraining shelter dogs like movie dogs is the idea behind Dog Rescue Stars. Our commitment is to train and socialize every dog who appears in the show so that they will be adoptable into loving forever homes. Stay tuned for our 2017 film project!

2016: Trusty the mutt returned to Pet Orphans to star as a crime-fighting mutt in “P.I. Woof.” His sidekick is our first green screen cat, Jane. Supporting cast are shelter dogs Lexi, Butters, and Piper. The whole cast has been adopted! And the film won BlogPaws‘ first-ever award for Outstanding Video Blog Content Sponsored by a Brand. We thank Halo Purely for Pets for sponsoring P.I. Woof!

2015: Trusty is ready for his close-up…and his Forever Home. He had been at Pet Orphans for a year, and then after this film he was adopted!

2015: Happy Valentine’s Day, starring shelter dogs Tammy, Rambo, Toad, and Good Human up-and-coming actress Darby Walker. All the dogs were adopted, and Darby Walker became known nationally on NBC TV’s hit series, ‘The Voice,’ Disney Channel, and more.

2014. Happy New Year 2015! We published this on New Year’s Eve 2014. We filmed this at the same time that we filmed the Christmas film, below. All the dogs have been adopted from Pet Orphans.

2014. Merry Christmas! This was our first green screen film. All the dogs have been adopted.

Behind the Scenes. Watch how we trained Trusty to climb stairs. Our lead dog trainer for these videos has been Tricia Casper, who is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has worked on film locations. Dog Rescue Stars also takes you behind-the-scenes with professional movie dog trainers. We show how important safety is to safeguard animal actors on a film set.

Created by award-winning dog author and filmmaker Larry Kay, the Dog Rescue Stars series show how awesome shelter dogs are. Positively Woof films the webisodes in a studio that we’ve set up on the campus of Pet Orphans of Southern California.

Dog Rescue Stars busts myths about shelter dogs.

Myth #1. One myth is that somehow shelter dogs aren’t great dogs simply because they had the bad luck to wind up in a shelter. It’s not true; shelter dogs and rescue dogs can be extraordinary pets.

Myth #2. Another myth we bust is that it’s hard to train a dog, especially for shelter dogs because they are problem dogs. It’s not true. Training is fun and can be done is simple, short moments.

Myth #3. Another myth that Dog Rescue Stars busts is that you can get rich and famous by turning your dog into a movie star. It’s not true; even the most famous movie dog trainers work very hard for decades to make a living.

Did you know that more than 75% of all top movie dogs used to be shelter dogs? That history includes the famous movie dogs Uggie (from Oscar Best Picture winner, The Artist) and Higgins (from the hit movie, Benji).