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Dog Rescue Stories: Bella Overcame Her Fears of Everything!


When Bella’s parents first met her, she was very skittish, especially around people. New places and noises terrified her. No wonder, because they rescued her from a shed where she had nothing and had been used only as a breeding dog. But now the owner had no use for her and sold Bella to her new parents for £50.

Bella is a bulldog mix (possibly French Bulldog and American Bulldog) and is approximately 3 years old. Born in Manchester, England, she now lives in South West France.

When Bella’s new parents brought her home, she didn’t even known how to play with toys. But they comforted her with love and were very patient.

But soon, things got worse for Bella. She had a phantom pregnancy, which also made her very sick with bronchitis and pneumonia. Bella’s good humans brought her to hospital. They were extremely worried, but the amazing vets at the Chorlton Animal Medical Centre in Manchester took great care of Bella and she survived!

Now, Bella is healthy and thriving in her forever home. She is amazing with all dogs, big and small.  She knows how to play with toys and loves to chew on things. In fact, she hasn’t come across a toy she can’t destroy!  Bella likes sneaking into her good humans’ bed at night. And during the day, she loves going on long walks with the sheep.  She can still get too excited when walking and when meeting other doggie friends, and has been know to run right across the park to continue playing with them!

Bella has been with her forever family for nearly a year and her good humans feel so lucky to have found her!

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