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Dog Rescue Stories: Biggie Smalls is a Resplendent, Brindle, Pit Bull Sausage!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


“Biggie Smalls is a dog.

Our Biggie Smalls is, anyway. “
Biggie Smalls’ (aka Biggie) family adopted him the last day of 2014 from NKLA (rescued by Karma Rescue). Their rescued Rottweiler, Nyla Bear, had passed away earlier that year at the age of 13, leaving behind a nervous Yam (a runty, orange pit that Biggie’s uncle found running along the 10 West). They didn’t know if Yam wanted another companion; she’s resource-protective, and generally anxious and awkward. They did, however, want to see if something would work out for the sake of removing at least one dog from the overcrowded shelter system. biggie_lr
Biggie won his furever mom over in the space of 2.5 seconds! He burst into the sunlight with his ridiculous Dr. Seuss feet, stubby legs and giant dopey head – a resplendent brindle sausage. He is the calm to Yam’s unrest…most of the time. He’s been accused of “skating by on his good looks” and getting away with arguably naughty behavior (much to Yam’s chagrin).biggiesane
Together, Biggie and Yam form the backbone of their household culture. As such, their forever home atmosphere is a little bit anxious, a lot smelly, and totally ridiculous. Biggie and Yam are the constant, furry backdrop against which their human endeavors play out, and their role is vital: Biggie and Yam’s unconditional love reminds their pawrents that helping those less fortunate than they are, giving to and respecting and rescuing those in need–these are worthwhile ways for them to spend their time. 
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Thankful to have these guys by my side. Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! ❤️????

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Sometimes the flips are kind of bratty. Still not his ball…????

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When having a wee inseam and flerpy flippers works in your favor… Happy Thursday!!! ????

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•Foster•Adopt•Rescue•Advocate•Pizza• ???? Sticker by @cjiro @rescuestrongsupplyco

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Does this yogurt on my chin make my head look big? ????

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He’s into AC⚡️DC these days. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! #biggiedontcare

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Long weekend with my boys = priceless. The short one has a cobweb above his eye. ????????

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Pandas and tigers and flippers, oh my! Happy #TongueOutTuesday ????????????

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Asher insisted I take a photo of them on this dirty dog bowl mat. So…here you go, TeamShortNerds. ????????⚡️

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