Dog Rescue Stories: BradyDoo, PeteyDoo and BoomerDoo Were All Abandoned

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor 

BradyDoo, PeteyDoo and BoomerDoo’s adoption stories as told by their forever mom, and the dogs themselves!

“We were lucky to have our first dog, ScoobyDoo, for 15 and 1/2 years. After experiencing such amazing love, we knew we wanted to bring in another furbaby into the house. We talked about it, and definitely wanted to get a rescue dog. I typed in available dogs to adopt on my iPad, and I ended up on the Angels For Animals Rescue (Riverside/ San Bernadino) website. I saw BradyDoo on the second page of adoptable dogs. He went by ‘Spot.’ I still have the picture I snap shotted from the site. His eyes were begging for me to come get him and bring him home.

We drove an hour and a half to pick him up, and let me tell you, he was a scrawny little guy of 9lbs! Nothing like the massive 60lbs hunk ScoobyDoo was (Australian shepherd/ Labrador retriever mix). They told us his story (they didn’t give all details) but the person who found him found us on Instagram and filled me in on the rest. I knew I wanted a brother for him (and have ALWAYS wanted more than one dog) and after seeing the amazing work of the awesome workers of AFAR, I knew we would adopt from the same place.”

Hello! I am BradyDoo (fka Spot). My story is a little crazy and I would like to tell you how a dog like myself went from somebody’s nothing, to Mommy and Daddy’s EVERYTHING. This mean lady put me and my cat sibling into a car and took us on a trip. We stopped at a light and she threw me out the door, along with my cat sibling. I heard another lady yell “What are you doing”? And the lady that threw us out said “It’s either this or a shot to the head”? Would a hooman be so inhumane as to shoot an animal for absolutely no reason whatsoever? I didn’t want to find out. The lady that yelled at that mean hooman was very nice to me. She took me to her house and gave me lots of love. She wanted to keep me, but she just couldn’t take care of me. She wanted me to find a great home, though. She contacted a friend who had a friend that worked for Angels For Animals Rescue (Riverside| San Bernadino). That nice lady’s friend said they would take me in. I bounced around a couple of foster homes, and eventually ended up with a nice couple who had lots of little hoomans running around, as well as other furry furends. One Sunday, that nice couple told me I was going to be adopted that day. I didn’t understand the awesomeness of those words right then…but I sure know the joy of it all now! When I arrived at Petco, I was excited to see all my furry furends I was use to seeing twice a month. But the nice couple walked over are now known as Mommy & Daddy. My foster mom had a real hard time handing me over to mama. I was their first foster dog, and they had really fallen in love with me. One of the ladies from Angels For Animals Rescue (Riverside| San Bernadino) had to come and pull me out of her arms and put me into the arms of Mommy, and life has been extra special sweet ever since.

I gained a lot of weight since I found my forever home. I have a lot of spectacular hoomans who love me dearly. Some of them being our hooman twin cousins Felizya and Hannah, Grandma and GrandPAW, and our special neighbor Kathe. I love to sleep. It’s a hobby of mine. I love to get up in the morning, take a long walk, eat my breakfast and then settle in on the couch (if I’m lucky, next to mommy) and take a nice long nap. I love a good ride in Mommy’s truck! I’m daddy’s little road dog. I go with him whenever possible. I make amazingly cool sounds (almost opera-like), when mommy comes home. I try to say mama, and I say “me mama” over and over to her, until she sits on the couch and gives me snuggles and smooches. And even then, I still yell and scream!! I love fruit, and will beg and drool when it’s around. I am named after two of mommy’s faves. My brother in heaven (Scooby”DOO”) and Tom Brady of the Super Bowl Championship team The New England Patriots. And of course, I love to play with my little brother and younger brother.  I now live in Santa Clarita and I love my furever home and I especially love my Mommy & Daddy. I will always be grateful to the nice lady who took me off the street, and to Angels For Animals Rescue. It’s amazing that even us doggos can overcome life’s trials and tribulations. I’m a very loving dude. I love to give kisses to everyone and anyone, so if you see me… come give me a snuggle and a smooch!

“Never in a million years would I think I would pick a dog like PeteyDoo! Not that he isn’t the cutest. It’s just that I’ve always been attracted to big dogs and here I am on the site looking into the eyes of the sweetest thing to walk the planet. I had to have him and although I didn’t know his story at the time, I had to protect this little angel from the world. We made that hour and half trip over to San Bernadino again to pick up my little guy.”

Hello everyPAWdy. I am PeteyDoo. My story starts off pretty sad, but it all comes together terrifically! So, one day some mean hooman decided they were no longer interested in me, my brother, or my momma. So, they put me in a box with them, and left us in a parking lot. I don’t know how long we all huddled together in that box, but let me tell you… I was scared. The parking lot just happened to be where a nice lady that fosters for Angels For Animals Rescue worked. She took me into her home. She had little hoomans running around that were always giving me love. She also had big dogs that I learned to get along with! One day, that nice lady told me this was not going to be an ordinary Sunday at Petco. That day I was going to go to my fur-ever home! I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of her words at that moment, but I have come to love the words “My fur-ever home”. I shook and shook a lot of the way home. But Mommy would pet me and talk to me and said I would soon adjust. When Daddy took me out the first time, he accidentally dropped my leash. It was the hard retractable kind and as soon as it hit the ground, I was off and running. Daddy could hear where I was going, because the leash was scraping the ground. I am a smarty farty, cause I ran all the way back to the front door (I just wanted to be back in the house with my new Mommy). Thought I would give them a mild heart attack as a thank you for bringing me home! I had a rough transition into my home. I was just a puppy when I went to my foster mom’s house. But Mommy and Daddy were so patient with me. I couldn’t help but fall instantly in love with them, the same way they fell instantly in love with me.

I have certainly come a long way from that poor little guy that was left in a box to fend for himself. I enjoy a nice pillow, blankie or anything around to chew. I don’t really chew like other pups. I have a special way I chew and when it’s pillows and blankies, I leave no evidence I was chewing (other than a little slobber)! I’m a really good boy, but I am a finicky eater. I need a variety of food in my life. But I love potatoes. And bacon. But who doesn’t love bacon!!? My big bro, BradyDoo and I love to nap and sleep on each other. We gravitate to one another all the time, and I love him berry much. I’m not a fan of the outdoors, or the car, but given my background I guess we can see why. I DO love my hooman cousins and my grandma. She gives great smooches and lovin’. I’m a little slower to warm up to the hoomans and other dogs, but I am a lovable, very loved, crazy little guy. I don’t shake as much, but I rely on my Mommy for a lot. She doesn’t mind though! I can’t believe where I was back in 2014, to where I am now.. I’m a survivor, a champ.. and I will always be grateful to my foster mom and the nice people at AFAR.

“And now for the crazy pup we call BoomBoom AKA:BOOMERDOO. When I want to DOO something I go all in! There I was, back on the AFAR site. These gorgeous eyes were staring deep into my heart and again, for the 3rd time, I heard those words “Take me home, Mommy”. He was only 6 months old and this crazy boy gives me a run for my money. He brought some much needed life into this home. Although he’s been a tough cookie, we wouldn’t trade him in for a million dollars. “

Hellooo. I am BoomerDoo. A crazy, full of energy and life puppy, who loves to chase his tail! My mama became pregnant with me and my sister in 2016. My hooman didn’t know what to DOO, so she contacted Angels For Animals Rescue. Those wonderful hoomans are just the greatest on the planet. They took my sister and myself in to be fostered, AND they had my mama fixed, so it wouldn’t happen again. I was a young pup when I arrived at AFAR. The nice lady who fostered me had a soft spot for me and my wild ways. I got away with A LOT! One Sunday, my foster mom told me we were going to Petco, but I would not be coming back to her house. She took my favorite toy and off we went…I was going to be adopted! When Mommy and Daddy saw me their eyes got really big! They didn’t know I was 16lbs! But they didn’t care — I had already pulled them in with my beautiful eyes. I was still a little clumsy when I first came home. Mama called me Clifford the BiG Red dog, cause I was really floppy and clumsy. I’ve grown into my legs for the most part though. I was really naughty those first weeks home. I would poo poo in the house. Pee in the house. Pull napkins from the trash, bite and chew…. Well, you know, all those things puppies DOO. And although I still may have an accident here and there, I have come a loooong way from my first days home.

Mommy and Daddy have a pile of toys for myself and my fellow Amigos. I change toys every couple minutes sometimes. I love to go out and play on the patio. It’s fun when mommy throws my tennis balls and I chase after them. I am Houdini like when I am put into the  car, and can pull myself out of my harness and the seat belt and walk around the truck! I have grown since I came home, and sometimes mommy thinks I will be huge, however I am just bigger than older brother and little brother. I love to play with them, but I get a little too aggressive and over excited often. I’m still a puppy, so I’m going to be wild for a while, but I am trying hard to be a better behaved young pup. I still bark at other doggies on walks, but I’m just saying hi. So if you see me, bark back and say what’s up!


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