Dog Rescue Stories: Chiki Was Lost and Scared on a Busy Highway

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Chiki’s forever mom found her and her sister, Lily, on a busy highway in Caracas, Venezuela. They were just two months old. Chiki’s mom knew they were in a very dangerous situation, and didn’t hesitate to scoop both puppies up and take them to her house.

When the puppies arrived at the house, they refused to enter, so Chiki’s mom had to convince them, step by step, with water and food. Chiki and Lily lived together for three days, and then a friend of Chiki’s mom adopted Lily. Chiki’s mom fell in love with her from the moment she met her, so naturally, Chiki had already found her forever home.
Chiki battled erlichia for about a month, a disease that she probably got from her fur mom. She recovered quickly, and never lost her energy and loving attitude!
Chiki loves to go on adventures with her forever mom. She loves to make new friends and spreads love to every human and dog she meets!
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