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Dog Rescue Stories: Cyrus Lights Up His Family’s Life

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor


Kristin grew up riding horses, and used to work on farm. She’s been around animals all her life, and has always needed animals in her life. A few years ago, she moved in with her grandmother and had to give up her beloved pup, a Great Dane, because he would have knocked her grandmother down. Kristin then “downsized” to a chihuahua and a miniature pinscher. Time passed, and sadly, so did her grandmother.cyrus-2

Kristin then started a family of her own with her boyfriend, Bjorn, and her four year old son, Markus. She was still itching for a big dog, and knew she wanted to rescue because she spends a lot of free time helping shelter dogs find homes. Kristin didn’t have a specific breed in mind, as she kept her heart open, but she did want a dog that would be a great running partner, a protector, and a cuddle bug couch companion. Age didn’t matter, either.cyrus-website

She has always helped pit bulls in the shelter find homes, so she was partial to the adorable pit bull face. She started looking at pit bull mixes and mutts, and came across a pup, now named Cyrus, on the Halifax Humane Society website. She had been looking for months, but something in her gut told her that Cyrus was the one! Kristin and her son visited the shelter the next day and saw him – he was terrified, emaciated and curled up in a ball at the back of his kennel. The shelter had him labeled as a Bullmastiff and Golden Retriever mix, which DNA tests later proved to be innacurate…but it didn’t matter! Kristin learned that an angry man dropped Cyrus off at the shelter and said “I am done with this dog!” As soon as shelter staff took Cyrus out to meet Kristin and Markus, they fell in love!cyrus-markus

Cyrus is now two years old, and is the most amazing dog Kristin has ever known. He loves the water, is the perfect jogging partner, perfect cuddle buddy, and adores his human brother. Kristin can’t believe how much an animal can enhance your life, and it breaks her heart that so many dogs are euthanized everyday simply because they are unwanted. She is a rescue advocate, and tries to educate others about adoption and urges others to keep an open mind when looking for a dog. Cyrus got his name because it means ‘dog star’, and that’s exactly what he is to Kristin and her family – a shining star.cyrus-1

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I’m telling ya there’s something very special about this mutt

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