Dog Rescue Stories: Doogie the Tripawd Helps Other Shelter Pets!

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Doogie Featured

Doogie, a Pit Bull mix, was transferred to the Idaho Humane Society from another local shelter in hopes that they could help with an injury to his left, front leg. After radiographs were taken, it was determined that Doogie’s injuries were inoperable and the best decision was to amputate. Shortly after the surgery, Doogie went to live with his foster mom, Brittany, a staff member at the Idaho Humane Society, and her boyfriend. Doogie instantly hit it off with the other furbabies in his foster home and it was quickly decided that he would be a “foster fail”!  Doogie found his forever home!Doogie 1
Doogie recently celebrated his first “gotcha day” and is living life to the fullest. He frequently accompanies Brittany to work at the shelter, where he is an honorary employee!  He helps socialize rescue kittens during his time in the office and participates in playgroups where the shelter dogs have the opportunity to decompress from time spent in a kennel. Doogie 3

Doogie’s favorite pastimes are hiking in the foothills, binge watching Netflix, and reveling in his spot as the baby of the family. Doogie is often told that he is the happiest dog anyone has ever met, and he does not let his lack of a limb slow him down!Doogie 3

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