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Dog Rescue Stories: Goose and His Siblings Were Rescued From A Hoarder

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorGoose is and Old English Sheepdog / Black Lab mix who was rescued by his foster mom in South Carolina. Goose was found on the property of a hoarder; he was only a few months old and living in a pen with his three siblings with no shelter in the cold. Goose’s foster mom, Lindsey, is an amazing human. The dogs were full of worms and underweight. She brought all of the dogs to the veterinarian, got them dewormed, vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and microchipped. Lindsey put their profiles on rescue websites and set all the dogs up with adoption contracts to make sure they never ended up in a bad situation again.Goose now lives with his humans, Gabrielle and Alec, in Connecticut. Goose met his forever family by fate. Goose’s littermate, BiBi (previously known as Birdie), was adopted by Gabrielle’s sister, Abigail, in New Jersey. Abigail found Bibi listed on the webpage of Lulu’s Rescue in Pennsylvania. At that time, Goose was already adopted out to a good home. However, due to financial circumstances beyond their control, the family could not keep Goose and he had to be returned to his foster mom, Lindsey. Lindsey reached out to her network and Abigail to spread the word about Goose. Abigail quickly forwarded the email to Gabrielle and the rest is history! Gabrielle met Goose’s transport RV from South Carolina at an I-84 Connecticut rest stop on June 18, 2011.Goose is an incredible dog. He loves his humans so much and follows them to every room of the house. He brings in the morning newspaper. Goose weighs about 90 pounds but considers himself a lap dog. Goose likes to greet strangers by sitting on their feet, leaning in, lifting his head and waiting for a chin scratch. He could run, swim, and play fetch non-stop all day, but also enjoys snuggling, relaxing, and sitting on the porch to observe the world. He takes excellent care of his toys, but his little brother Rocco always tries to take and destroy them. Goose finds squirrels highly intriguing and even the word ‘squirrel’ freezes him in his tracks and puts him on high alert.Goose’s adventures are documented on his Instagram @GooseTheRecyclingDog. Goose earned this title because he instinctively picks up littered cans on walks. Goose is currently collecting cans and bottles in central Connecticut. The recyclables are redeemed for 5¢ each and the funds will be donated to help dogs still looking for families. Feel free to direct message Goose on Instagram for more information. Goose’s wonderful rescuer, Lindsey, also does work with The Heartworm Project.

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