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Dog Rescue Stories: Hooch & Gus Inspired Their Pawrents to Start an Animal Rescue!

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Hooch and Gus live in Harlem, New York City. 
Hooch’s parents found him five years ago. They believe he was being used as a bait puppy in a dog fighting ring in Bushwick. He is his forever mom’s absolute soul dog. There is a depth to him that is almost unexplainable. Everything he does is weighted and calculated with intense importance. He really struggles with interactions with other dogs which is why his relationship with Gus is so incredibly profound.image6 Their first dog, whom Hooch was raised alongside, unfortunately passed from a brain lesion last year. When enough time had passed, they went to North Shore Animal League “just to look” (ha.). They brought Gus home, and through a lot of behavior work, Hooch learned what a baby puppy was and his bravado crumbled.hooch-and-cat
Gus has grown from a 10 week old peanut to a 65lb piglet. He is all joy all the time. His pawrents often joke that he thinks he’s “Gods gift to Doghood”.  Gus’ inherent social nature and joyous disposition has helped Hooch come out of his shell in such a beautiful way. They are now absolutely inseparable.gus-collage
The joy Hooch and Gus have brought to their pawrents’ lives has inspired them over the years to devote their whole lives to them. Their rescue, Gotham Canine Rescue is currently 501c3 Pending. They specialize in tie out dogs in upper Manhattan, and recently adopted out their very first dog!hooch-and-gus
Follow the inseparable duo on Instagram!  @hoochandgus

Pit butts are the best butts.

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Gus makes this face when he hears the Donalds voice. Same brother, same.

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Those teefs.

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Dreary Sunday.

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Some silly goons.

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