Dog Rescue Stories: King Cooper and His Forever Mom Helped Each Other Become Stronger

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

My name is King Cooper and I am a 9 year old male Chihuahua who is now very loved, cared for, and who stands tall. This is my rescue story.

On April 1, 2009, Mommy rescued me from the Gaines Street SPCA Shelter in San Diego, California.Mommy says when she first saw me, we locked eyes and it was love at first sight! It was an instant connection that would make us an inseparable team. Mommy ran inside to ask to meet me in the play area. She picked me up and I laid my head on her shoulder. A very nice volunteer at the SPCA told Mommy that I was around one and had already lived a very difficult life on the streets of San Diego. I had been rescued and then returned. I was extremely weak, scared and malnourished. A rash covered part of my neck. I only had a few days left. They hadn’t implemented the no kill shelter policy there yet. They didn’t have room for me anymore.
Mommy rescued me that day but little did she know I was rescuing her too. I was about one and Mommy taught me almost everything. I had to learn to eat again and needed to gain some weight. I was too weak to climb stairs or do much. Mommy was also recovering from an illness at this time and we helped each other become stronger each day. Mommy says she has never felt so unconditionally loved and we are beyond blessed to be the very best of friends. Each night before we go to sleep, Mommy tells me how much she loves me and after lots of kisses, I smile at her before she turns off the light. We continue to rescue each other over and over again. We share a bond that cannot be explained, just felt with the heart.
Please remember that each time you rescue a dog you are really saving two… the one you rescued and the one who will get a spot at the shelter to be rescued too!

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