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Dog Rescue Stories: Lucio Helped Heal His Moms Broken Hearts

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

One day while bored and sick in bed, Julie started searching Petfinder and came across the biggest headed hippo with the kindest eyes! His name was Chubbs. Julie and her wife, Kim, instantly fell in love. They were still healing from the loss of their last dog, Federico, who had passed away from cancer in early June 2016. Federico’s life was difficult and it left his moms drained and broken hearted. They didn’t think we were ready for another dog, but sometimes fate intervenes and brings you exactly what you need.

Kim and Julie decided that they wanted to meet him, but there was a small hiccup — he was pending adoption. They contacted his rescue, Ferry Dog Mothers, just in case it didn’t work out. There was a huge outpouring for him and many, many interested people. In the end, the adoption fell through and the rescue chose Julie and Kim. Chubbs came to live with them in July and was renamed Lucio. Within a week, their entire household was officially in love with him.
Not much is know about Lucio’s previous life. His moms do know that he came from California about three years ago. He was pulled from a shelter and brought up to Washington. He was estimated to be around three years at the time. He lived with a family that loved him dearly until last Spring, when they lost their jobs, homes, and had to relinquish him. An unimaginable heartbreak. Lucio’s ears where chopped off–not professionally–and mutilated, he has scars up and down his front legs, chest, and face, and he has a bone spur–possible old fracture–on his right wrist. His moms believe that he lived in a crate or a very small enclosure for the majority of his life because of certain behavioral traits he still has. They don’t believe he ever had a balanced diet; he was morbidly obese and his skin allergies were severe. His previous owners did try to help his skin issues, but anyone who’s dealt with allergies in dogs in the past knows it can be very difficult and costly.
Lucio now lives in Seattle, WA with one mom who’s a vet tech, and another who’s an animal massage therapist. He has a giant backyard to play in, he has an older sister (lab/staff mix) named Feebe, and three cats who all love him and his calm, loving personality. He gets a homemade diet, Chinese herbs, hemp oil, and other supplements. He wears clothes, has a memory foam bed, and has full access to a couch to practice his favorite past time of being a professional couch potato. They’re really making progress with his skin issues and he’s lost nine pounds since finding his forever home! Things have definitely turned around for him, and he’s soaking it in! Julie and Kim know that he has known pain and that he has known love, but his remaining years will be filled with nothing but love and devotion toward his happiness and well-being.
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