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Dog Rescue Stories: Ollie (aka Oliver Twist) is a Sad Orphan No More

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Ollie Featured

My humans were looking to adopt for a long time, and would constantly check adoption pages for pups. When they saw my posting on Wags & Walks, they knew I was the one! They called Wags & Walks and were told I was being housed at NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles) and that if they drove over quickly, they could meet me before NKLA closed for the night. They hopped in the car and rushed over to NKLA before they closed for the night and met with me!Ollie 1

At the time, my name was Captain Ron! My humans immediately loved my personality–I jumped onto the couch with them and licked their hands. I got so excited I had an accident, but they didn’t mind, they knew I was just a little nervous. My soon to be forever parents talked to the the lovely people at NKLA and asked if they could come back the next day to adopt me. They were advised that since I am SOOOOO cute, I would go quickly, and to come as soon as they opened. That’s exactly what they did! They changed my name to Ollie (short for Oliver, like Oliver Twist) because I was a sad orphan who just wanted love–and now I have it! I am so happy to be in my furr-ever home with my mom & dad!!!Ollie 2

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