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Dog Rescue Stories: Precious Pearl Was Born Without Eyes

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Pearl is a Pit Bull/Catahoula mix who was born blind and deaf (she actually has anophthalmia, a rare condition that means she has no eyes.) Pearl’s destiny and ours changed almost three months ago when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw her beautiful face on the Hawaii Island Humane Society page. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and was drawn to her for so many reasons. She needed a home with a fenced in yard – check! She needed a home with someone who is home most of the day – check! Her name starts with a P…but not just P, but P-E. Our other three rescue dogs are named Pebble, Penny, and Petey! The P pack!
After a sleepless night of thinking about this sweet, special needs, shelter puppy, I convinced my husband that we should just “meet” her. So, the next day, we, along with our senior rescue beagle, drove two hours to meet her. Of course, I cried immediately when I saw her. She’s so cute, so sweet, so funny…and so “normal”! When my husband saw the tears streaming down my face, he knew “no” wasn’t an option.
We brought Pearl home one week later. She and our boy Petey (who was found as a stray) are our two Hawaiian mutts and they get along famously. He never leaves her side and acts as her seeing eye dog on occasion. Pearl is just a normal (but completely unique!) happy puppy who doesn’t let anything stop her.
Follow precious Pearl and the rest of the “P Pack” on Instagram! @pearl.the.poi.puppy

i solemnly swear that i am up to no good. #latergram #padfootPearly #jammiesarecool

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feeling super fresh in my adorable @maipuphawaii banana bandana on this fine #tongueouttuesday ????????#lategram (arm photobomb by dad.)

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you guyyyysssss! the coolest of the cool, @pardonthyfrench, gave me a shout out on her new amazing account @misfitsofig. thank you princess bethanee! if you don’t know bethanee, then you don’t know because she is so unbelievably funny, adorable, and talented. #holla special thanks to my favorite spotty bulldog girl, @lilouthebulldog, for nominating me! ???????? go follow @misfitsofig to see the other INCREDIBLE dogs. so honored to be part of the cool kids misfit club. all the hip frenchies let me crash their party! ???? ・・・ ⚡️⚡️ MISFIT MONDAY ⚡️⚡️ • PEARL WAS BORN WITHOUT EYES !!! ???? Pearl (@pearl.the.poi.puppy) is an 11 month old pit bull catahoula whippet mix who was born blind and deaf. Due to irresponsible breeding, Pearl has a rare condition called anophthalmia, which means that she doesn’t have eyes. Adopted a few months back from Hawaii Island Humane Society, Pearl now is getting the life she deserves! • Despite her tumultuous beginning, Pearl is extremely independent. She charges fearlessly through tall grass on hikes, paddles away with no hesitation on swims, and has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly where your face is for her trademark champion kisses! • We love a pup who’s overcome adversity, and living life to the fullest. See more of our friends over at @misfitsofig, and follow the adventures of @pearl.the.poi.puppy to keep up on her day to day! Let us know who you think deserves the next Mistfit Monday! ________ @misfitsofig #misfitsofig #misfitmonday

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