Dog Rescue Stories: Pippa and Her Former Good Human Used to Live on the Streets

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor
Hi! I’m Pippa! I’m only a year old, but I’ve got a lot to tell! For my whole life, I lived on the street with a nice lady who tried her best to take care of me. My street smarts weren’t so keen, and somehow I ended up with a bit of my ear missing! Eventually, the nice lady knew I’d be better off with a safe family in a house with lots of food, so she gave me to  Wagging Tails Rescue, (run by some human heroes).
Once I got there, they realized I had some pups in my belly that needed a home of their own! I was a bit too young to be a mommy, so I’m glad my babies got adopted to nice human parents.
I stayed at my rescue for six whole months, and eventually lost hope. Sometimes it rains hardest before the sun comes out, because that’s when I met human Sister! We locked eyes at an adoption event, and she let me cuddle in her arms. Less than a week later, I had a forever Mom, Dad, and Sis!
I also have a whole house just for me, but I let the humans live there too, because it’s good to share. I’m learning to be a good girl, and Human Sis goes with me to training a few times a week. My favorite thing to do is sit at Starbucks with Human Sister, because people tell me I’m pretty and I get to scream at pigeons!
 P.S If you have any carrots, please send to my house… those are my favorite!
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Did someone say “WALK?!”

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I call this, the “Post Peanut Butter” face🐶🥜

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Human Sister went out of town and DIDN’T take me with her? Alright. Consider your bed already peed on.

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