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Dog Rescue Stories: Pondus’ Third Home is His Forever Home!

PondusPondus, a Dogue De Bordeaux, was born in Hungary and was brought to Norway by a drug addict. His first owner neglected him for over two years, until a friend of the owner saved Pondus and adopted him. Pondus was happy and loved in his second home for a long time, but sadly, his good human became very ill, and could not care for Pondus anymore. Pondus was put up for adoption, but because no one was interested in a senior (8 year old), large (155 lb) dog, he did not find a forever home for one and a half years.  The local shelter didn’t have the room to take Pondus in, but they wanted to help him find his new forever home. The shelter went through their list of people interested in adopting, made calls, and finally reached Ingrid and Kristian.  Without hesitation, Ingrid and Kristian went to meet Pondus, and it was love at first sight!  Pondus has found Pondus 2his new forever home!

Pondus, now 9 years old, is the kindest, most gentle, and lovable creature Ingrid and Kristian have ever met. His pawrents take pride in his well-being, and shower him with love.  Pondus is always with his humans.  He goes to work with them, to Ingrid’s cheerleading practice, and he spends a lot of time with their friends and family. Pondus gets plenty of attention and he loves it!

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Pondus Ma

Pondus Pa

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