Dog Rescue Stories: Stanley James Will Never Be Alone Again

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By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Hi! I’m Stanley James, and I’m a rescued dog from Leicestershire in the sunny UK! We’re not sure of my breed, but I may be a Staffy / Boxer mix!

I was adopted by my forever family in 2008 and I haven’t looked back. My mummy spotted me in Leicester Animal Aid. I had been picked up as a stray and was taken to the rescue. I was waiting for my forever home for quite some time before she found me. I was just waiting for her to find me!
The staff at the rescue were incredibly kind to me and they worked tirelessly to help me find the perfect forever home. To this day, they do all they can to make sure us rescued pups are happy and healthy, and I’ll forever be grateful to them.
People always tell me that I’m a handsome brute…and you know what? I have to agree! I’m not only blessed with good looks, but I’m an incredibly gentle and loving boy. I’m also a silly, drooling, squishy and greedy snuggle bug. If I had my photo in a high school yearbook, the caption underneath it would read “Class Clown”!
Adopting Stanley has been, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding, most wonderful things his forever parents have ever done. They consider themselves to be hugely privileged to share their home with such a beautiful character. He brings joy to their lives every single day. Adopting a dog comes with its challenges but they are absolutely worth it. Stanley’s forever parents love him dearly and what’s really gorgeous is,  they’re confident he knows it and he gives that love right back in abundance.

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