Pet Rescue Stories

Dog Rescue Stories: 10 Year Old Jojo Was Dumped At A Kill Shelter

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Shannon has been active in the rescue community for 23 years, and in the last nine years, she has been more involved in rescuing dogs that have “issues”, whether they be disabilities or behavioral. Last May, she got tagged in a Facebook post from a friend in the rescue community saying that she found the perfect dog for her. Shannon looked at the post and sure enough, she saw a tiny, ten year old chihuahua growling at the person taking a video of her! It was clear that she had some issues with her legs and had a few straggly teeth.

The next day, Shannon went to Carson Shelter to adopt the senior chihuahua, now known as Jojo. Unfortunately, she was told that she couldn’t adopt her, because she was a “rescue only”. This meant that only a rescue group could pull her from the shelter. Shannon was so upset that she couldn’t leave with her! Fortunately, Shannon’s friend (who runs a rescue) was able to pull Jojo from the shelter just two days later. The reason she was rescue only is because she was labeled “aggressive”. She’s been nothing but a sweet angel since her forever mom adopted her.When Shannon took Jojo to the vet, he did x-rays and determined that she had two injuries to her right legs that were never taken care of by her previous human. They healed incorrectly and she has permanent damage. Jojo walks strangely, but she gets around well enough and doesn’t seem to notice any difference! She also had to have all of her teeth removed, so her tongue is always hanging out of her mouth.This sweet, senior chihuahua brings so much happiness to her forever mom’s life, as well as the lives of so many others! Shannon is grateful everyday that she was able to rescue her!

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