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Dog Rescue Stories: The Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD) Will Never Deny A Dog A Safe Place in Their Sanctuary

By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story Editor

Over the past three years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs, and they currently have 750 dogs that live with them permanently.

Read about their amazing efforts and help them continue to save lives.

Husna was rescued by The Voice of Stray Dogs (aka VOSD) four years ago, as a one month old puppy in a hit and run accident that had broken off her snout. She was on life support as VOSD. Since her discharge, she has lived at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary. She, along with Haider, Tipu, Yadav, and Michael came to the sanctuary without snouts. Haider was rescued three years ago when he was three months old. He was missing his upper jaw and was located 1200 miles away from the sanctuary. Michael was rescued when he was 20 days old after an accident that left him without his lower jaw and has now lived at the VOSD Dog Sanctuary for two and a half years. Tipu was a year old when he met with an accident and lost his upper jaw. He was rescued by VOSD two years ago. Yadav was about a year old and came to VOSD six months ago. He was missing half his upper jaw. They are just five of the 750 rescued dogs that live permanently at the amazing VOSD dog sanctuary in Bangalore, India, and their sanctuary has the capacity of housing up to 1,000 dogs. Over the past three years, VOSD has rescued over 7,000 dogs.

VOSD was started by Rakesh Shukla, a software engineer who is passionate about rescuing and caring for unwanted dogs. Though most of the dogs are strays and some are owner surrenders, the VOSD Sanctuary is not a shelter. Every dog has a name. All dogs are free within their 30 plus enclosures in a 3.5 acre area. Each enclosure has an enclosed / covered area, as well as a tree-lined, open space. The enclosures have heaters during the winter, and individual bodies of water for the dogs to jump into and cool off in summer. The dogs also enjoy a 1/4 acre artificial lake dubbed ‘the swimming pool’.

VOSD has never euthanized a dog due to lack of space, costs, or behavioral problems. Every single dog is fought for, and receives the very best private veterinary treatment there is. Many have undergone complex surgeries and procedures. VOSD aggressively treats life-threatening diseases like cancers, Distemper, and Parvovirus. VOSD will not deny any dog a safe place. They also won’t deny any treatment, no matter how sophisticated, expensive or long term it is. VOSD welcomes dogs that no one else will accept and then cares for the the dog for the rest of his or her life. This includes lifelong maintenance for renal, liver & cardiac conditions, vaccinations and full onsite treatment for any other conditions. Dogs coming to VOSD will always have a permanent home.

Along with caring for over 750 resident dogs, VOSD Created and deployed the world’s first large scale management system to integrate GPS data, photo storage, digitize all tests and diagnostics for each dog, capture and track all prescriptions and match these against treatment, generates reports by time, dog or location, providing real time updates on text, email and an app. The system tracks each rescued dog through each treatment through to its eventual release or adoption or move to the VOSD Sanctuary. They also operate the first large scale blood bank that allows their rescued donor dogs to help other dogs in need.

Rakesh Shukla and his staff at VOSD are truly inspiring and their efforts should not go unnoticed. Help them continue to care for their 750 resident dogs and save more lives by donating to this amazing cause:  Husna & Friends Fundraiser.

Like VOSD on Facebook: VOSD , Follow them on Twitter @VOSD1 and Instagram @thevoiceofstraydogs and read more about them on their website VOSD.

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