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FETCH FUN Daily Dog Trivia

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FETCH FUN dog facts and timely tips from award-winning dog author and Positively Woof’s leader of the pack, Larry Kay.

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Here are some samples

Dog Science Myths

  • Are dogs really color-blind? (nope, learn how they see differently)
  • When did the term “the dog days of summer” start? (in ancient Greek astronomy)
  • What do pack dogs value more than an alpha dog to boss them around? (a fun time – dogs are hard-wired for fun as much as for survival).

U.S. Presidents and Dogs

  • Which President’s dog was more famous than Bo Obama? (Hint: this dog is celebrated in a presidential monument in Washington, DC).
  • How did the dog name “Fido” become popular? (Hint: he was Abraham Lincoln’s dog)
  • What do President Obama and Secretary of Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel have in common about dogs? (Hint: They both shared the same dog trainer who also co-authored a book with Positively Woof’s Leader of the the Pack)

Dog Fun on TV, Radio, Newspaper, and in the Movies

  • What was the most-popular dog food radio jingle for nearly 25 years? (Hint: it sounds like a dog barking “The Blue Danube Waltz”)
  • What dog food company president ate dog food for the media when his dog wouldn’t eat it? (Hint: it’s the same company with the famous radio jingle)
  • What dog appears on an Oscar-winning movie poster? (Hint: in the movie this dog got tossed down a garbage chute by Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson)

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