Pet Calendar ~ International Cat Day: August 8

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Pet Calendar: International Cat Day: August 8

international cat day

Those of us who are owned by cats, knows there is no such thing as one day a year to celebrate the cat. Cats make certain they are celebrated, petted, indulged, cared for and loved each and every day of the year!

The day was originally proclaimed by the International Fund of Animal Welfare with the goal of raising the public’s awareness for the needs of cats. Cats have been companion animals for thousands of years. They are prized for their beauty, their independent natures and the love they give to their pet parents each and every day. There are cat myths that abound, but for those who live with and love cats, they are just that — myths. A cat will greet you at the door just as your dog will. A cat will be your constant companion and will gaze at you with loving eyes, just like your dog does. Sure, there are times when cats are finicky and will give you that love and adore you when you’re feeding him or her some salmon treats, but I’ll be the people in your life can be finicky at times too, right?

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