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Dog Rescue Stories: Jack Was Confiscated In an Animal Cruelty Case

 By Jarissa Aquinde, Positively Woof Rescue and Adoption Story EditorJack, his two sisters, and parents were found in a swampy, remote area of South Carolina, hungry and covered in their own fifth. The family was confiscated as part of a cruelty case and taken to a local shelter to recover.Jack and his two sisters were only four-to-six weeks old when they were brought to the shelter. While his sisters, Lily and Janet, got adopted after the case had concluded, timid Jack remained for over a year before Lucky Dog Animal Rescue brought him up to Washington, D.C., hoping he would have better luck finding a forever home in that region.Jack had only been in the ‘real world’ for about a month by the time his future adopter saw his picture on Lucky Dog’s website (they met online). She noticed he would be at an adoption event on the way to an appointment she had and thought there would be no harm in walking by! She met Jack, tried to pet him, and Jack ignored her while taking in all of the activity going on around him. Undeterred by Jack’s complete disinterest in her, she found herself filling out an adoption form for Jack and thinking, “Nothing is set in stone… it’s just an application.” After an interview and a home visit later, she suddenly had a big, furry, four-legged responsibility on her hands.Being raised in a shelter, everything was new to Jack…and everything new was scary! Jack was afraid of kitchens, knocks at the door, people, boxes, cats, traffic… you name it.After months of training and patience, Jack went from tail-tucking, pancake-walking, fearful pibble to walking comfortably (and marking) on main streets! He is still shy of new situations but he has come so incredibly far since his first few months in his forever home learning how to dog.Jack enjoys playing with other dogs, breaking out into spontaneous zoomies, fetch, and, for some reason, eating leaves. His mom is obsessed with him and shares his peculiarities with the world via Instagram. You can follow him at @jackthepibblepotamus!

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