Pet Calendar: Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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By Robbi Hess ~ Managing Editor Pet Calendar, Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor, Chief Cat Herder 

Pet Calendar: Puppy Mill Awareness Day ~ September 16 (annually third Saturday in September)

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is dedicated to helping improve the lives of the mothers, fathers and the puppies that are bred in puppy mills. This annual event aims to raise awareness of the plight of these puppies and their parents and put an end to the practices of back-yard breeders.

puppy mill rescue pet calendarWhen you’re on social media on Saturday, Sept. 16 use the hashtag #PuppyMillAwarenessDay to spread the word and to raise awareness.

The National Puppy Mill Project was the impetus behind this day and its goal is to educate the public and end puppy mills.

The problem with puppy mills (for those unaware) is that the mothers are continually bred, kept in tiny cages in squalid conditions. The parents and the puppis receive no socialization or veterinary care and rarely even have access to fresh air or sunlight. There are kitten mills as well and the cats and kittens are raised in the same deplorable conditions.


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Larry Kay is the award-winning coauthor of Training the Best Dog Ever, which became a #1 best seller in dog training on Amazon Kindle. He is Leader of the Pack at Positively Woof, which helps shelter dogs get adopted by making videos and raises awareness and funds. Larry is an award-winning dog filmmaker and has been a frequent contributor to the American Animal Hospital Association and Dog Fancy magazine.
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