Pet Calendar: Take A Hike (With Your Dog) Day

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Pet Calendar: Take A Hike (With Your Dog) Day

The American Hiking Society has claimed November 17 as “Take A Hike Day.” The society urges people to get up, get out and find a nearby trail to hike. As pet lovers we are all about this holiday because we know that our dogs will love to take a hike! Read all about hiking with dogs and watch our video below!

We connected with Gina Caballero of Oz The Terrier and she shared their favorite hiking spots. Go here to read about Oz’s favorite trails. Read also about three reasons to hike with your dogs.

Jessica Williams of You Did What With Your Weiner focuses on hiking and adventuring with her Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel. She breaks stereotypes that “small dogs” can’t hike.

Will you hike with your dog today? This weekend? Do you have favorite trails to hike with your pets? Let us know and share your adventure pictures on our Positively Woof Facebook page. Do you have a cat that loves the outdoors? Share your pics and stories with us on our Crimeless Cat Facebook page.

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