Pet Calendar: Take Your Dog To Work Day

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Pet Calendar: Take Your Dog To Work Day ~ Friday, June 22, 2018

Will you be taking your dog to work on Friday? Has your workplace been celebrating “Take Your Dog To Work” week? If you work in a year-round pet friendly place, take your dog to work day is every day. If, however, you work in an organization that doesn’t typically welcome four-legged, furry friends, then get prepared for a influx of dogs in the workplace this Friday!

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Are you, and your dog, ready for a day at the office? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does my dog play well with others? If you’re afraid of dog fights or snarling matches because your dog doesn’t particularly like other dogs, then you may want to keep him home.
  2. Are you prepared for a day that won’t likely be as productive as most days? Do you have a lot of meetings that day? Are you certain you won’t have to leave your dog alone in your office? If you’re ready to have to spend a lot of time walking your dog, stopping to pet other dogs, having co-workers stop by to pet your pooch, then by all means take her to work with you. Remember, your dog will be in an unfamiliar environment and may not like it if you need to leave her alone in your office while you attend a meeting. Make certain your schedule is accommodating enough for a day at the office.
  3. Don’t forget the poo bags. Your dog will need to poo while you’re at work and when that happens you want to be a responsible pet owner and pick up after him.
  4. Bring food and water dishes and a familiar toy or blanket with you for your dog. These items from home will help him be more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.
  5. Make certain your dog is happy, healthy and well-behaved enough to be a great office citizen!

Will you take your dog to work?

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