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Pet Rescue Stories: Rose’s Good Human Rescued Her From Terrible Living Conditions!

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About a year and a half ago, a friend of Maddy’s was living in a house with her husband, children, their dog, a roommate, and the roommate’s Pitbull puppy, Rose. Rose’s human got her off of Craigslist, without knowing how to properly care for a dog.  While Maddy’s friend was living there, she would care for Rose the best way she could, but she didn’t have the means to fully care for Rose.

Knowing Maddy was an animal lover, her friend asked her what she should do about Rose.  She was concerned that Rose was either being left outside or in her crate with no food, and sometimes no water. There was very little human contact for this sweet puppy.  Maddy told her friend she needed to tell her roommate to learn how to take care of a dog, or find Rose a new home. Maddy’s friend began to help Rose’s human, showed him how to care for Rose, and Rose began to improve!  Unfortunately, Maddy’s friend then had to move out and couldn’t help Rose anymore.

Fast forward about six months…

Maddy’s friend visited Rose and finds that Rose has been in her crate for days at a time, with no food, no water and covered in her own excrement.  Panicked, Maddy’s friend called Maddy and asked her what to do. Maddy then told her she was coming to the house to pick Rose up, and wouldn’t leave until she had Rose in the car with her.  Maddy was ready to call the police to come with her if need be!  Maddy was, and still is, a broke graduate student working on her masters degree, but she couldn’t let a dog live the way Rose was living. Maddy planned to rescue Rose from her human, rehabilitate her, get her proper medical attention, and then, hopefully placed with a Pitbull rescue group.

When Maddy got to the house, she saw Rose, who was emaciated and reeked of urine.  Despite all this, Rose was sweet as can be, and somehow knew that Maddy was there to help her.  After a long, smelly car ride home and maybe the first bath Rose has ever had, Maddy lifted her onto the couch and she sat there with her paw on Maddy’s leRosie Beforeg.  Maddy posted a picture of this on Facebook, in hopes that someone would be willing to adopt her, as Maddy was only going to foster Rose for a Rosie 1little while. However, things didn’t turn out the way Maddy planned, as she became a “foster failure” and ended up giving Rose her forever home!

Rose didn’t know how to play when Maddy first met her, but now she LOVES it.  She enjoys eating carrots, fruit, peanut butter and yogurt. She only likes her broccoli and Brussels sprouts roasted.  Given the opportunity, she would lick your face all day long and cuddle on the couch. Rose hates baths, fireworks, and thunder. Maddy and Rose go for three walks a day and she wants any and all cats to play with her. Maddy has a bearded dragon and two snakes, and Rose loves them, too.

Maddy can’t imagine her life without Rose.

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