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Dog Rescue Stories: Phiona – Puppy Mill Mama Now Living the Good Life!


Phiona was rescued from a puppy mill in Joinville, Brazil, in 2014.  She was most likely used as a breeding dog for many years.  Phiona was severely underweight, anemic, had rotten teeth, and suffered from skin and genital infections.  Her nails were so long that she had trouble walking.  She, and about 100 other dogs, used to live in cages, without any care.  Thankfully, a local organization learned about the puppy mill, shut it down, and all the dogs were rescued and put up for adoption.

Because of the way Phiona looked, no one wanted to adopt her.  However, for local resident Danubia, it was love at first sight!! She immediately adopted Phiona, and started to give her the love and care she deserved, after being mistreated for so long. Thanks to weekly trips to the vet, treatments for her infections, and daily eye and ear drops, Phiona has healed and feels safe and loved in her forever home!

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Phiona When She Was First Adopted
Phiona Before

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