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Dog Rescue Stories: Dupre the Tripawd – From Abused to Adored

Dupre the TripawdDupre was found wandering the side of a highway in a rural parish in New Orleans.  He was malnourished, had chemical burns on his back, and suffered from many other injuries.  He was taken to the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter, but because Dupre had been abused and would not do well in a shelter environment, he was transferred to The Krewe of Mid City Mutt Mamas.  His chemical burns were treated, but unfortunately, due to an out-of-socket elbow, one of his front legs had to be amputated and now he is a “tripawd” (tripod) dog.  He then spent three months recovering in a veterinarian’s office.

Meanwhile, some other local residents, Jodi and Devan, brought their cat, Jack, to their vet, Dr. Stefani, for his annual shots.  They mentioned to Dr. Stefani that they had been visiting shelters and wanted to adopt a dog. Dr. Stefani was the same vet who was caring for Dupre. She brought Dupre out to meet Jodi and Devan. Even though he was shy and apprehensive, there was something irresistible about him.  Jodi and Devan brought Dupre home to foster, but after a few months, he became a foster failure. Well, actually, Dupre had found his forever home.

Adoption was always the only option for Dupre’s parents, but adopting a formerly abused dog was a new experience for them. They believe Dupre was used as a fighting dog, and have worked very hard to let him know that he is now safe and loved.  They are still very careful when introducing him to new places and people, but they know that Dupre’s capacity for love can overpower the trauma he previously endured. He is now a happy, goofy, loving member of the family, and he inspires Jodi and Devan everyday.

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“And this is my most favorite bench.”

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