Ask The Dog Trainer: My Puppy Won’t Pee Outside

Ask The Dog Trainer: Author Larry Kay and Dog Trainer Nance Moran answer this new pet parent’s question. QUESTION Troy wrote to us and said: I recently adopted a puppy from the local city shelter. I take her out all the time. When we go for long walks she will not to the bathroom the

Pet Calendar: Kids And Pets Day

By Robbi Hess — Managing Editor, Pet Calendar; Crimeless Cat Executive Story Editor; Chief Cat Herder  National Kids and Pets Day was created by celebrity family and pet lifestyle expert, mother, pet lover and former EMT, College Paige. It is a day that the team at Positively Woof and Crimeless Cat embrace because we know

Pet Calendar: Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pets

Pet Calendar: Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pets Earth Day is April 22. How can you celebrate the day with your furry family? We have come up with some ways in which you and your pets can reduce your carbon footprint — on Earth Day and year round. Here are a few ideas we have

PI Woof: Shelter Pets As Investigators