Pet Rescue Story: Henry From England

We received this heartwarming story from Derek Brooks about his dog, Henry. Henry crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2017. Derek wrote: I put my name on a rescue site for English Springer Spaniels. After roughly a year I received a phone call asking me if I still wanted a dog. Pet Rescue Story: Henry

Ask The Dog Trainer: 10 Tips to Improve Reactive Dog Behavior (Part 2)

by: Nance Moran, MS, and Dana Langley, Co-Owners Life Is Dog, Inc Welcome back to our reactive dog family! Remember, your dog is great, let’s make your walks better! In this article we offer the final five tips for improving your reactive dog’s behavior. You can read the first five reactive dog behavior tips here. 

Pet Calendar: International Homeless Pets Day

August 19 is International Homeless Pets Day and it is a day to celebrate taking care of our own pets, finding homes for homeless pets and celebrating the work that shelter operators and rescues perform with pets awaiting their forever homes. International Homeless Animals Day has its origins when the International Society for Animal Rights

August Pet Calendar

AUGUST PET CALENDAR Celebrate these holidays with your pets. Take some of the more “human-centric” holidays and see if you can spin them into a way to celebrate with your pets. Share your creativity with us on our Facebook page! Share your holiday story with us. If you’re a blogger, contact us (and please put Pet Calendar in the