Tips For Shopping At #TractorSupply With Your Pets

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This post is sponsored by Purina, Tractor Supply Co. and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share information about the availability of Purina products at Tractor Supply Co., but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Neither Nestle Purina PetCare or Tractor Supply Co. are not responsible for the content of this article.

Take your cat on a shopping excursion? Why of course I would love to try that! Ickis, the Devon Rex, enjoys car rides, spends time in his crate when he doesn’t have to and is a “people” person. The disclaimer I have to put on this message is that I had never taken him shopping, just on three-hour car excursions to our vacation spot. He travels without a peep. He curls up and falls almost immediately to sleep once the car pulls out of the for shopping with pets

Prior to the trip to Tractor Supply Co.® I had frankly, not known that much about the store and hadn’t been there. I am not all that outdoorsy and I assumed it was all stuff that people more inclined to be in the out of doors would be drawn to! Boy was I wrong! Ickis, in his new collar and riding inside my shirt, my husband and our Goldendoodle puppy, Murray ventured into the store. I had a death grip on Ickis, but he was calm as could be peering around and purring away. So far so good.

Murray was intrigued by all of the scents and happily trotted alongside my husband taking in the smells. I didn’t browse too much because we were on a mission to inspect the line of Purina products that Tractor Supply Co. carried. Our cats have long eaten Purina® cat food’s hairball formula and we have been virtually hairball free and when you live with five cats that is so important!

Ickis was happy to get out of my jacket and explore the shelves of Purina foods. He sniffed. he walked the shelves. He posed for photos. The cashiers ooohhed and aaahhed at both him and Murray and Murray was the recipient of some petting from people who were in line in front of us.

Tips For Shopping At Tractor Supply With Your Pshopping with murrayets

  1. Make certain your pet is “good in public.” If you have a scaredy cat or a reactive dog, chances are he or she will not do well in public.
  2. Start wil short, quick trips. Don’t subject your pet to an hours long shopping trip if it’s her first time. Slow and steady will win the race.
  3. Keep your pet on a a leash. Ickis was wearing his collar and I had his leash in my pocket where I could snap it back on once the photo-
    taking was over. Murray was in his harness and on his leash as well. No matter how well-behaved you may think your pet is, it’s only good etiquette and probably store policy, to keep him or her leashed.
  4. Offer treats and/or praise when your pet is well-behaved in the store. Make it a great experience for both of you.
  5. If your pet starts to get anxious, wrap up your shopping and get him back to the car and calm him down.
  6. Know that you just may not have a pet who will ever be comfortable in public and be all right with that. Not every pet reacts the same in every situation. Your pets have unique personalities and you should respect that!

6 tips for shopping with petsAfter we’d checked out with our bag of cat food and some Busy Bones treats for Murray and Henrietta (who was waiting anxiously at home for our return with snacks!) we headed back to the car. The first shopping trip for both Ickis and Murray was a success! They were both so well-behaved and curious and I loved that they were so welcomed by both shoppers and the friendly staff at our local Tractor Supply Co. It’s great to know that I can shop there with my pets, get their food at a great price and that I have found a place that is close to home and convenient for my pet food and treat shopping needs!

I wish I’d have come across someone else with pets who were enjoying the Tractor Supply Co. shopping experienced, but maybe that will happen on our next excursion. I think Ickis has the “shopping bug…” he’s a cat after my own heart! Check and see if there is a Tractor Supply Co. next to you and if you’re in Medina and see me with Ickis, say hello!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina® at Tractor Supply. The opinions and text are all mine.

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